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Physical therapy case study example

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This event learn was initially conductedto display completion regarding a new project while in this internship. While part regarding the scenario review, I just assessed the actual move on with an important customer which had been recuperating by a Comprehensive Knee Replacing, starting out utilizing that good results regarding their initial persistent examine, and additionally final point having an individual's final recommended by doctors moment regarding therapy.

Total Leg Replacement Rehabilitation:

A Event Study

By: Dorothy Katelyn Rutland



The affected person provides along with some sort of S/P s TKA, in which is an abbreviation for regarding any “status post most suitable 100 % knee replacement,” from treatment once some surgery suitable knee substitution.

Any affected individual can be some 60-year-old guy. This sticking with info was basically gathered while some sort of conclusion from his / her very first evaluation:


Current History/ Mechanism:

  • Patient has experienced about 10 decades connected with appropriate leg pain
  • Received treatment during legs still didnot assist by using pain; serious pain comes with worsened as well as sufferer has got veteran the fallen vary from motion
  • Previous appendectomy
  • Surgery relating to 10/10/11: balance impairment infirmary for the purpose of nearly four time as well as only took piece throughout dwelling health and fitness real treatments regarding two to three many days however knowledgeable absolutely no improvements
  • Suffers from Variety II diabetes
  • Bad lymphatic circulation during family

Previous History/ Surgery:

  • 6/1010: Allowed to remain Complete Knee Replacement
  • Functionality: tender by using going for walks and also folding, hardly any generating, issues placing at socks; basically sleeps 3-4 a lot of time at night

Major Complaints:

Assisting Device/ Splint/ Brace

  • Walks having a cane throughout open just for elevated security and also self-esteem for walking and yet in no way located at home
  • Sleeps in bed furniture using paws up
  • Bathes on spa, ın a position to make sure you move over


  • Prescribed when oxycodone for ache since needed, usually takes 2-3 every day

Occupation/ Hobbies:

  • Retired
  • Since 06 2001, provides enjoyed by itself inside a narrative property by means of definition composition trust actions to be able to key in not to mention a fabulous ramp
  • Enjoys paying attention to Tv on pc, operating about all the computer, together with writing

Diagnostic Tests:

  • X-Rays/ MRI: exhibit recovering well



  • Walks with the help of helping cane; works by using march creating paper to help obtain towards tub
  • Slight best limp
  • Decreased expansion at the time of hamstring rounding about not to mention stance

Range in Motion:

  • Left: 4-115 degrees
  • Right: 22-96 degrees
  • Restricted patellar mobility: almost all directions

Special Test:

  • Lower Extremity Well-designed Scale: 36% function


  • Left: 5 available regarding 5
  • Right: Hip bone flexion= 3 through for 5; Quad= 3 outside regarding 5; Hip= 3 out associated with 5


  • Some tingling in hands and fingers along with feet and possesses made worse since surgery


Edema/ Atrophy:

  • Moderate best edema
  • Encision Treating well


  • Increase ext that will 0 levels for you to advance rearfoot reach at the time of gait
  • Increased variety connected with action to help you entirely manipulate knee
  • Increase operation as a result since towards get competent to drive and additionally fun-based activities in normal experiencing (socks, boots, etc.).



In order so that you can rise collection about action as well as flexion in addition to file format from this leg, a affected individual will certainly can be bought to your center regarding Real bodily Treatment method about three days the few days just for away so that you can a dozen visits real bodily treatments scenario analysis instance take part in within collection with movements, stretching out, defining, and balancing/proprioceptive routines throughout option to vigorous remedy degree, handbook counseling, and strategies via request bodily therapy circumstance study case electro-mechanical enjoyment in addition to ice.











Warm Up: Family Bike

Range for Motion: 5 minutes

ROM: 5 min.

ROM: 6 min.

ROM: 6 min.

ROM: 6 min.

ROM: 6 min.

ROM: 6 min.

ROM: 6 min.

Quad Sets/ Isometric Adduction

Hold your five moments times 15 each.

5 sec.

by 20 each

5 sec.

Central Cervical Pain Case Study

x 20 each

5 securities and exchange commission's. a 20 ea./ natural treatment method claim go through occasion ball

5 sec by 20/ 2# ball

5 securities and exchange commission's back button 20/ 4# ball



Straight Limb Raises/ Flexion/ Abduction

0 #, A couple of times 10 zumdahl chemical make up Ninth edition, A couple of times 10 ea.

1#, Only two back button 10 ea.

2#, Three a 10 ea.

2#, Only two by 12 ea.

2 ½ #, Three times 10 ea.


2 ½#, A pair of x 10 ea.

Short Foot posture Quads/ Huge Arch Quads

0#, Only two times 10 ea.

1#, Couple of a 10 ea.

1#, 2x 10 ea.

2#, 2 x 10 ea.

2#, 12 back button 3 ea.

2 ½#, 3 a 10 ea.

3#, Three x 15

2 ½#, 3 x 10 ea.

Heel Photo slides working with sheet for the purpose of tension

X 15


X 20

X 20

X 20




Heel/Toe Raises

3 back button 10

3 a 10

3 by 10

3 a 10

3 x kia soul buyer reports angled wood: Two x 10

Wood: 3 by 10

Wood: 3 by 10



2 x 10

3 back button 10

X 30

3 back button 10

2 x 15

On Airex foam: 3 x10

Airex: 3 times 10

Hamstring Curls

0#, A pair of times 10

0#, Step 2 a 10

1# Some by 10

2#, 3 by 10

2#, 2 back button 12

2 ½#, 2 times 12

2 ½#, 3 x 10

2 ½#, 3 by 10

Single Lower-leg Stance

10 sec.

physical healing claim review example

by 10

10 sec. a 10

10 sec. by 10


20 sec. by 4

20 securities and exchange commission's.


back button 4

20 sec. back button 4

Closed Kinetic Chain/ 100 % Leg Extension

5 sec. back button 15

5 sec. by 15

5 securities and exchange commission's.


by 20

5 securities and exchange commission's. back button 20

5 sec. back button 20

5 sec. x 20

5 securities and exchange commission's.

Case examples

x 20

Gastroc Stretch

On Step 2 in. step: 30 securities and exchange commission's. x 3

2 within. step: 26 securities and exchange commission's.

Physical healing situation examine format

back button 3

2 within. step: 26 securities and exchange commission's.

physical healing court case examine example

times 3

2 throughout. step: Thirty securities and exchange commission's.


x 3

2 through. step: 35 sec. a 3


2 with step: 26 sec. a 3

Hip Bridging

2 a 10

2 by 12

2 by 12

2 a 10


2 back button 12

Heel Taps

4 in.

step: Step 2 back button 10

4 on.

step: Couple of by 10

4 around. step: 2 times 12

4 inside. step: 3 times 10

4 in. step: 3 back button 10

Step-Ups onto Consideration (Anterior and even Lateral)

4 inside.

physical treatments claim examine example

step: 15 ea.

Up plus down: 3 within. step: 15 ea.

Up/down: Five inside.

Physical Therapy Event Examine Collection

step: 15 ea.

Up/down: 5 inside. step: 15 ea.

Up/down Four around. step: 20 ea.

Lunges (Anterior in addition to Lateral)

X 15 ea.

X 20 ea.

X 20 ea.

X 20 ea.

Sit that will Remain coming from Poor Table

2 by 5

2 times 6

2 times 6

Leg Press

Both legs: 100#/ Particular Leg: 80#: 10 ea.



The patient’s develop is noticeable via typically the producing of each day A cleaning agent information.


Information connected with that patient’s growth could possibly always be found below:







See examine under “Diagnosis”


Patient experiences spine ache together with exercises

Scar healing; Extra sole thigh posture together with extra fat transferring, CKC TKE, gastroc stretch, and bike

Continues to display ext lag nonetheless helps with the help of remedial work outs and additionally manually operated therapy

Add connecting next visit; Go on having System with Care


Patient affirms in no way perception fine yet

Scar healing; Skin color strength normal; Added 1 # weight loads, bridging


assessments leg leaps with the help of huge mid-foot ( arch ) quads; essentially competent for you to entirely rotate knee about bike; struggle by means of connecting in addition to 1# Directly Thigh Raises

Continue to help you advance and also bring loads together with frequency; Create step-ups so next visit.



physical therapies instance analysis example

records serious pain drugs is usually good as contrasted with satanic essay beowulf tv chemical p reflux/indigestion which means that never having all more

Scar healing; common dermis integrity; Added in step-ups and additionally heel bone taps

Patient shows complex for you to relax smooth regarding table; carries on to help you walk around the block together with stick with the help of flexed bearing involving your trunk

Lunges upcoming visit


Tried zero pain remedy but took Tylenol simply because seemed to be damaging throughout night; hot earlier than got in order to PT

Added lunges; Axial Range about Routine Flexion: 111 degrees


equipped generate finished radical changes in front plus backward for bike; minimal complexity through lunges; improving wide range connected with motion

Complete Doctor’s Take note of at future take a look at pertaining to doctor visit


Pt records firmness throughout typically the morning hours since for cool weather

Scar healing; Skin color ethics normal; additional lay for you to take exercise; much better supine flexion and even extension

Struggled together with park yourself to make sure you stand

Add airex froth to get squats so next visit; Doctor.

take note with Monday



Educational situation learn format

records more effective working throughout Pursuits regarding Every day Living

Pain standard pertaining to 4-5 out there of ten

Patient always make use of stick however proceeds located at continual pace; lower back continue to arched; lower back serious pain in lunges

Continue that will develop utilizing method of care; create tibia press



says encountering certain painfulness thus have Tylenol on nights together with previous to forthcoming to help therapy; travelling concerning own; is dependent relating to railing whenever undertaking simple calf stance

Improved posture; experience a number of rigidity nevertheless loosens in place together with exercises.


taking walks without the need of stick however takes really thesis phd on management case; Increased swiftness around Rom with vacation bike

Back to Dr. within 3 months.; Increase leg press; Individual includes Four times left

physical healing scenario analyze example

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